How To Create The Finance & Reference Pages Of A Sports Portfolio

Not too many people think there needs to be a finance page in a sports portfolio. If they do know, they may be putting the wrong details on it. The finance and reference pages are as essential as every other page. This blog will show you how to create the finance and reference pages of a sports portfolio.

You Won’t Miss A Thing

There really isn’t too much involved with the finance and reference pages, however, they still need to be detailed and laid out in a specific order to grab the attention of coaches. When it comes to creating the finance & reference pages, they are quite easy. If you add to them as your athlete’s journey progresses, you won’t miss anything.

But First…

Before we get started, we have a brand new Livenar kicking off on Sunday, 20th of December. How To Map Your Athletes College Recruiting Timeline From Year 9 will be focused specifically on the college recruiting timeline from year nine. I will show you what each year should look like and you will have a good idea how to map the timeline so your athlete never misses a deadline. No deadlines missed. No rushing around crazy. You will be organised. You will know what’s coming. The journey does become a lot smoother when you have a timeline mapped out and ready to go. This journey is all about planning and preparation. And, in order to effectively do that, you need to have the timeline perfect. It will run around an hour to an hour and a half. As always, we’re going to have a registrant’s only bonus draw. I would love to see you there and meet you in person. You can register here.

Finances Don’t Mean Life Savings

Now let’s look at the finance and reference pages. When I say finance page, you do not need to put your whole life savings and financials in there. That’s not what I mean. When your athlete is applying for financial aid packages, and sports scholarships etc, they will likely ask your financials then. But your financials don’t go into public documents, that stuff is kept private.

What Has Your Athlete Accumulated So Far?

The reason you put a finance page in the sports portfolio is to let coaches, recruiters, admissions, and scouts, see what your athlete has already accumulated toward their college education. Any scholarships, financial packages, and prize money etc. Anything that has been allocated to your athlete specifically to go towards their college education, goes into the finance page. Then, whoever is looking at the document can see if your athlete needs any further funding, and if they really want your athlete, they’re going to tell them exactly how to find that funding.

Don’t Leave Anything Out

It’s super important you put everything in there. Don’t leave anything out. The viewer can see your athlete has put in massive efforts to accumulate all of the funding and scholarships so far. And that’s hard work, right? It shows your athlete is willing to do whatever it takes to get into the program of their dreams. That’s a huge plus for any coach. As an employer, you want to find the person that is going to fit your team like a glove. You want them to gel with the people and the community. They should be respectful and kind. When you see the hard work they put into achieving their own goals and dreams, they really deserve your consideration. It’s the same principle, different scenario.

Let The Viewer See Your Athlete’s Hard Work

Let the viewer see that your athlete is doing the hard yards. They’re out there believing in themselves. If they didn’t believe they could achieve big things, they wouldn’t go through all of this hard work. All of these traits are a big tick to the coaches, scouts, recruiters, and admissions.


There’s no rule to the layout. However, I would say to start with the higher contributors first and work your way down. You can set it out any way you like. Actually, there is one rule, and that is whether you make it look professional, or look creative. and I’m sure you can work it out for yourself when we are talking finances. You need to keep it professional because it’s business, and when it comes to possibly thousands and thousands of dollars, it needs to be laid out clean and professional. It must be clear to understand, and easy to read.

Reference & Recommendation Page

When we look at the reference and recommendation page, what you really want to think about is, the more the better. References and recommendations are massive, no matter what you’re doing. Whether you apply for a job or apply for the swim team in college, it is really beneficial to have great references and recommendations. What I will say is, always have your athlete’s current coaches details at the top. Normally things would go in alphabetical order, but this is different. You should have your athlete’s current coaches details up the top so if they want to talk to their current coach, they don’t need to look far.

Start With The Most Recent

Now don’t forget, you should also have their current coach details on the sports page, so they can go straight to their phone and call the coach up while they’re still on the page. But if they decide to wait until they get to the reference and recommendations page, at least you have current coaches and teachers up there at the top. So, whoever your athlete’s current high school coach, club coach, teachers, and guidance officers are, should go first. All of the people who are involved with your athlete, now, will go at the top. Then you can go in alphabetical order from there if you choose.


Now, the layout should have a thin black divider because you do separate it. What I mean by that is, you have the current coaches and teachers etc at the top, then have a divider, followed by everybody else. You can go in alphabetical order, however, I recommend you just keep going down from most recent to less recent reference.

Who To Ask

When it comes to the reference and recommendation page, you want to have references from coaches, teachers, guidance officers, co-coaches, and team coordinators. All the people that worked with your athlete in some capacity, put them in there. Ask everyone that has worked with your athlete, whether they’ve worked with them in sports if they’ve worked with them in employment, or in the community doing volunteer work. Whatever it may be, those people who have worked with your athlete in a capacity where they can say, you know what, they are amazing, reach out and ask them for a reference or recommendation.

Keep In Contact

References and recommendations are great, but sometimes people forget they told your athlete they would give them one. If they get a phone call out of the blue, they may struggle to recollect who your athlete is. Always ask their permission first and keep in contact with them. Send them an update every now and then, and remind them when your athlete begins applying for college and funding that they may get a call for that reference they offered. Help them remember who your athlete is. You have to remember that all of these coaches, teachers and admissions have got thousands of students that come through. As much as we love to think they all remember our athletes, they’re not all going to, and that’s just the reality of it.

I have trouble remembering my children. I never get their names right the first time. Sometimes, I have to actually look at them before I get it right. And well, that’s kind of the way it works. So keep your athlete fresh in their memory. Remind them when someone may be calling for a reference.

Sealing The Deal

The reference and recommendation pages are a goldmine. When you think about the whole sports portfolio, and you make it so amazing that the coach can’t help but keep turning the pages, by the time they get to the reference and recommendation page, and they see all these people backing up everything your athlete has said throughout the sports portfolio, they will be sold on your athlete right then.

Sports Alone Is Not Enough

You can be a great superstar athlete and have all the funding in the world, but if you don’t have the academics, and you don’t have the drive, determination or work ethic to succeed, and if you don’t know how to be part of a team, you’re not going to get into college. Sports alone is not good enough! The finance and reference pages are essential to back up your athlete's story.

No Need For Bribery

The more people your athlete has to back up every story they have put out there, the more beneficial it will be. Your athlete’s sports portfolio and entire college campaign will shine brighter than any other star out there. We don’t need to bribe anybody, or do things illegally and get ourselves locked up. You don’t have to throw so much money at a bunch of different agencies that don’t care as much as you do. None of that has to happen. You can do it all yourself. You just need the framework, strategies, support, and accountability that will help your athlete succeed.

Make The Journey A Success Together

That’s why your athlete’s journey will be the one with a competitive edge. Your athlete will be that star shining brighter than all the others because they have done everything in their power to make sure they get the journey right. And to you, the parents, Congratulations. The reason you are here reading my blog is that you are willing to learn and do things the right way the first time, without bribing anybody. Without getting yourself locked up, and without losing your mortgage. You won’t have to pay money out to people who don’t care and can’t guarantee results. You and your athlete together can make this journey a massive success.

It’s just a little bit of strategy, a little bit of research, a great framework, and an impeccable timeline, that will get your athlete where they want to be. Which is why you should come along to the Livenar on the 20th of December. That is what we are focusing on in particular, the timeline. So please do get registered. You can also come along to our Fearless Friday session. I host them LIVE every Friday in College Bound Athletes, This Friday at 8:00 AM AEST (Bris time), I’m going to take our members right through how these pages need to look, and what details to include.

Coming Up

Next week, we are covering the employment page, and the following week, we are going to master the layout of the entire sports portfolio. That will wrap our sports portfolio series up. I am putting together a whole training series on sports portfolios. It will go a lot more in-depth to what we’ve already discussed over these past few weeks. If you’re interested in a copy, let me know by emailing me at and I will make sure you get one. I’m also putting together a free training on college finances, how to make sure you are able to budget from now over the next four years, and throughout college. It will teach you how to work out how much in scholarships your athlete will need.

So if you would like a copy of either of those, do let me know and we will make sure you get them. You might also be interested in a quick 15-minute connect call. I am offering these in the lead up to the Livenar. If you would like to connect, say g’day and have a chat, you can book a time here that suits you best. Until then, Take care and happy holidays. Yours in sport, Brooke Hamilton.

Originally published at on December 10, 2020.



I give elite student athletes the tools and strategies required to successfully gain entry into the college of their choice on a sports scholarship

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Brooke Hamilton

I give elite student athletes the tools and strategies required to successfully gain entry into the college of their choice on a sports scholarship